About Vidhya Srijesh

Vidhya is an Indian-born Canadian Artist, who is also a wife, and mother of two little prodigy artists. Her passion for art started young when she won a school competition for drawing a mother and baby elephant. As a kid, she loved to draw everything that she saw. With very limited access to art supplies, she started with pencil drawings and collages by gluing flowers, magazines, laces from old dresses, her broken accessories, and much more to create art.

Drifted away for a while by the changes thrown by life, Moving to Canada has helped to rediscover the Artist in her. Her access to colors and art supplies made her feel like a kid who has access to an entire Candy shop. She started experimenting with acrylics and mixed media. She has her art exhibited in Galleries across Ontario and has been featured in several online art galleries and art communities/associations.

Vidhya had an opportunity to have a break from her full-time job with her second baby. She thought that it is the right time to learn and explore more about her passion. So she joined the online Mastery program at Milan Art Institute. It helped her to learn more about the mediums and resources she had which sculpted her as a Professional Artist.

Her art is Eclectic, Bold, and Colorful, and has a lot of textures to make you smile. It is with her art, that she wanted to spread positivity and hope to the world.

She is on a Colorful and fun journey that she has just started exploring!!